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Five Reasons You Need Water Heater Maintenance

If you use a water heater, you know faults with the system are cause for an emergency. Without hot water, you cannot do many daily living necessities safely, like washing clothes, cleaning food, or bathing. Before your water heater has any problems, it’s better to schedule regular water heater maintenance:

For Longevity: Gas water heaters last roughly eight to 12 years, while electric ones last ten to 15 on average. With proper routine maintenance, water heaters can continue operating efficiently for longer, even when they start approaching the end of their working lifespan. Maintenance also helps catch potential issues before they can worsen, keeping the parts working longer.

For Water Conservation: When your water heater tank empties too quickly or fails to heat water properly, you may leave the water running longer. While the water eventually heats up, you use several more gallons of water than necessary. Additionally, water tank leakage wastes useful, clean water that would be better used for other duties.

For Consistency: A well-maintained water heater doesn’t usually break down at inopportune times, ensuring you have a consistent supply of hot water. Maintenance also ensures system problems don’t get worse and potentially cause leaks that prevent water usage.

For Safety: Water heaters have scalding temperatures that can cause severe burns. Heater maintenance services ensure an experienced professional has reviewed the pressure valves, water temperature, and other system aspects. This process helps reduce the chance of potentially dangerous accidents.

For Energy Efficiency: Heater maintenance checks confirm the state of the heater and its functions. If it isn’t working properly, it may pile unneeded expenses on your energy and utility bills. Maintenance can restore heaters to working order or confirm that your system works as well as possible.

How Lickity Split Plumbing Became Lafayette’s Water Heater Experts

At Lickity Split Plumbing, we take pride in our work and seek to exceed customer expectations with efficient solutions to heater problems. Though we work quickly, we complete thorough quality checks, ensuring our work lasts. We don’t want you to call anyone else for the same problem for years to come.

  • You can trust our licensed and insured technicians for safe and effective water heater maintenance checks.
  • Our estimates come without hidden fees. With us, you should always know what we’re doing and be able to budget as needed.
  • Available 24/7, you can set an appointment by your schedule or call us for emergency services anytime.
  • Water heater problems are tough enough without additional stressors. Our team respects you, answering your questions with proper hospitality.
  • When you call us for a diagnostic review, we can often complete most or all repairs on the same day.
  • No upselling products you don’t need. We focus on what’s necessary for your system.

People also want to know

Even if you have a tankless water heater, it still requires yearly maintenance for proper upkeep. While the system does not store anything and provides hot water by heating it quickly, it still uses many different parts. We inspect each part of the system so you can get hot water safely.

While electricity and liquid usually do not mix, you should call a plumber with electric water heater experience. Some plumbers do not work on electric devices, so you should check to ensure they have the necessary skill set. Many plumbers at Lickity Split Plumbing have worked on electric water heaters for many years.

You should replace most water heaters after eight years, but electric water heaters can last about ten years. Replace them earlier if they require constant repairs or fail to provide the amount of hot water your property needs.

Keep Your Water Heater Running With Us

At Lickity Split Plumbing, we know the importance of hot water to home and business owners in Lafayette, IN and nearby areas. To accommodate your needs, we do our best to offer same-day services that guarantee 100% satisfaction. The water heater maintenance you get with us annually can help your system run long into the latter years.
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