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Whether you’re building a new home or replacing old pipes, when you need gas line installation, look no further than the professionals at Lickity Split Plumbing. We’ve been local homeowners’ go-to pick for gas line installation, repair, and replacement for years, and we make the process of installing new gas lines hassle-free.

Natural gas offers many benefits for your home. With the right gas line, you can power appliances and heat your water supply. Our experts can even help you lower your utility bills, so call today to discuss your needs.

Natural Gas Benefits

Natural gas has become very popular among both residential and commercial property owners. It provides efficient power using readily-available gases like methane and propane. Natural gas is environmentally friendly, and you may qualify for tax rebates for using natural gas instead of electricity to power your home.

But many homeowners don’t realize just how reliable natural gas lines are, especially in a climate such as ours. You can use gas for appliances indoors and outdoors, like ovens, firepits, and boilers, at any time of the year. How’s that for reliability and efficiency?

Are you concerned about losing heat due to power outages and bad weather? You can rest easy when you use natural gas, as it will work reliably even when the power goes out.

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Our Comprehensive Gas Line Services

Here at Lickity Split Plumbing, we take pride in offering a full range of gas line services. Whether you need gas line installation, replacement, or repairs and upgrades to existing gas lines, we can help.

You can count on us to expand your home’s gas lines. We find that homeowners experiencing gas supply constraints benefit from our state-of-the-art expansion techniques. We can also upgrade your appliances to use natural gas.

If you want to improve your home’s gas efficiency, we can do so easily. Whenever you notice the tell-tale signs of a damaged gas line, go ahead and get in touch; don’t wait until your gas lines give out.

Signs of Gas Line Issues

Proper gas line installation is no joke. Without the right professionals, your gas lines can leak, causing life-threatening issues like carbon monoxide poisoning or gas fires. Knowing the many signs of gas line problems is crucial if you’re keen on protecting yourself and your loved ones:

  • You smell rotten eggs or garbage in your home
  • You hear peculiar hissing noises emanating from your gas lines

But gas line issues aren’t always that obvious. Sometimes, they’re a bit more subtle; a slight increase in your utility bill, or an appliance that just isn’t working quite right, can suggest that your gas lines need repairs. We find that homeowners often overlook these less obvious signs.

In any event, don’t wait: Call us if you’re having gas line problems. Moreover, if you suspect a gas leak, call us right away for emergency help.

Why Choose Us as Your Gas Line Installation Experts?

You might be tempted to attempt your own gas line installation project. However, gas systems are tricky to install, and in many places, it’s illegal for folks without the right licensing to work on gas systems. Why risk it when you can hire our experts?

DIY gas line installation puts you and your family at risk. Are you comfortable tweaking your system, even though it could cause a gas leak? Or would you prefer to hire experts that can install a new system in no time?

You can also save money by hiring professionals. Think about it; while you might circumvent short-term costs with a DIY project, you’ll have to fork over tons of money on repairs for your jury-rigged system. 

There’s simply no better way to install gas pipes than with the experts. Lickity Split Plumbing is glad to help you install your gas lines.

The Best Choice for Gas Line Installation | Call Today!

At Lickity Split Plumbing, we proudly offer gas line installation. Between our expert technicians, friendly customer service, and quality workmanship, we can’t be beaten! You know you’re working with the best when you hire Lickity Split Plumbing.

When you’re ready to install new gas lines, give us a call at (765) 548-5747. We’re always thrilled to hear from you!

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